About Me

Hi there!  Nice to meet you!  My name is Don, and I am a “non-traditional student” (love that euphemism) about to embark on a dangerous and exciting journey through graduate school.  After two failed attempts at college (the last in 1989), I returned some 20 years later.  While I feared that such a long time away would prove to be a handicap, it was in fact a benefit–it allowed me to gain the patience and maturity I lacked early on, and helped me to get my BPS (Bachelor of Professional Studies) from Metropolitan College of New York.


Soon I will be starting my first semester as a student at Teachers College, Columbia University.  The sheer thought of attending such a prestigious institution was a dream, but the fact that I made it proved to me that some dreams, even those that seem remote, can indeed come true.  So now I walk along the path of lions, clad in Columbia Blue and headed towards a Master’s Degree in Elementary Inclusive Education.  The path will not be an easy one, but “easy” is not why I am here.  Anything worth having is worth the struggle.

Off-campus, I am an aspiring writer that doesn’t read many books; an avid anime and j-pop fan whose mastery of the Japanese language is embarrassingly horrible; and a walking pop-culture reference whose collection of trivia seems to dry up somewhere around the New Millennium…but that’s me.  Oh, and I am single.  Just sayin’.

Until I become a massively-famous author of romance/fantasy books, please follow me on Facebook…we can play Candy Crunch or Words with Friends together at worst, and be online/offline friends who discuss the complexities and craziness of life at best.

“You’ll never know what’s inside the box until you open it!” – Schrodinger the Cat, “Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou”


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Proud of you. I just received my Master’s after being out of high school 20 years. All things are possible through Christ! And, for people that believe in themselves and keep trying. Looking forward to finding out more about your journey!

    • Thank you very much! Congratulations on getting your degree…it is actually people like you that inspire me. There are many people who feel they are “too old to learn” or that they cannot keep up with things. Learning is a lifelong process, and you only learn what you are willing to try.

      • Well I am happy and proud for you and do not even know you. Keep up the positive attitude and fervor for life and good things are coming your way!!!

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