Ya Gotta Start Somewhere…


Everything has a beginning and an end…even time.  We may not agree when time began, or when it will end, but we all experience many beginnings and endings in our own lives.

For me, this blog will serve as testament to a new beginning in my life–my journey into graduate school, and the life that lies within and beyond it.  Not to worry, this won’t be a diary; any personal drama will be kept out unless it is relevant to the subject at hand.  If anything, it will contain thoughts, anecdotes and observations I have and will come across along the way.  You may agree, disagree, or be ambivalent…I only ask that you read and share your thoughts.  I have found that the best way to learn anything worthwhile is to share experiences with others.

As my major will be Elementary Inclusive Education, most of my articles will focus on some aspect of the educative process–past, present or future.  Other times, I’ll just rant about things I’ve come across (they’ll be quarantined into their own section, so as not to infect the main topic).  Photos, videos and such will be added as well–it only makes sense to use what is at our disposal to disperse what’s in our brains to the rest of the world.

Why should what I have to say matter to you, you may ask?  It may simply be something interesting; or similar to an experience you’re having or have had; or something you want me banished to the Ninth Circle of Hell for saying in public.  Whatever the case, what matters is that it matters at all, and that you found it interesting enough to read…and maybe even to share.  Writers write in the hopes that readers want to read what they have written.

Now that I have beaten you into submission with this intro, let’s get started.  First (real) post will be soon.